Marketing & Analysis

As a Digital Marketing Expert, will provide marketing services focused on improving demand generation and lead generation. Translated that means driving more qualified traffic to your website and turning those visitors into sales qualified leads and buyers. Ultimately, it’s all about using data-driven results to dramatically increase marketing return on investment (ROI) for my clients.

Online Advertising-

  • Reaching Your Target Audience
  • Develop buyer personas to eliminate wasteful, un-targeted spending to allow for more targeted messaging on the right platforms that are best suited to your potential customers and their specific needs
  • Campaign creation and budget allocation across ad platforms based on performance metrics, using the most effective mix of tactics
  • Conversion Focused
  • Maximise conversion volume while minimising conversion cost
  • Daily Optimisation
  • Regular monitoring and managing of campaigns to make adjustments as needed
  • Test, Test & Test
  • When data guides marketing strategy, it is necessary to know how changes can impact performance. I test landing page variations and ad creatives to leverage the creative elements that deliver the best results.

Social Media-

  • Strategic Alignment and Goal Development. Work with the client to determine success metrics and Determine how social media advertising can help reach client goals
  • Initial Setup- Goal tracking and Google Analytics audit or setup and Retargeting cookie audit or setup
  • Research & Targeting Creation
  • Buyer persona development.
  • Planning of Campaign structure and targeting
  • Creative Landing page development and Ad copy creation
  • Constant Optimisation & Management

Email Marketing-

  • Set up marketing programs, campaigns, and flows
  • Create emails, landing pages, and forms
  • Assist with the creation of lead scoring programs
  • Develop lead nurturing campaigns

Search Engine Strategy-

  • Evaluate your specific SEO needs and goals and develop an effective strategy
  • Develop keyword research aligned with your traffic and lead generation goals, as well as your brand and market segments
  • Provide recommendations for both back-end technical optimisation and front-end content optimisation
  • Help you improve your website’s mobile-friendliness through comprehensive mobile SEO services
  • Assist with the creation of social media profiles to boost your company’s social channels for brand searches
  • Execute an inbound link building strategy based on current best practices


Detailed monthly reports that show historical progress on all ad campaign metrics as well as the current action items being implemented to improve performance. Analytics expertise to ensure your traffic and conversion volumes are accurate. 


Better data analysis leads to better business decisions. It’s that simple. As a Google Analytics Certified marketer, will help you navigate the ever-expanding sea of data points and give you the confidence to make decisions both large and small, knowing you have the most accurate data supporting you at all times.