Swati Bhalla

Salesforce Automation Specialist - Volvo Cars Netherlands

A Salesforce Consultant with experience in designing and running Marketing Automation tools. Loves Training users on these tools and provides support and mentorship to new beginners. 

I have 7+ years of diverse experience in setting up and scaling E-commerce channels rapidly for varied verticals like Life Insurance, Banking, NBFC, Food & beverages Retail, NGO and automotive industry.

I am Skilled email automation specialist and marketer contributing at both the strategic and tactical levels. 

How I give back to my community: Right now I am a Udemy instructor and I have created a Test there for Salesforce. I remember when I joined Salesforce, I was like an unmolded clay. I was lucky to have a mentor that not only guided me but molded me to where I am today. 

I know the importance of a mentor who cares therefore I also help and guide new trailblazers to find out their career path. More so, now that I am marketing champion I am going to go further in helping more and more trailblazers.

Salesforce Marketing Champion 2021

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