My Journey from Non – Tech To Salesforce Ecosystem

“ To be or Not to be” is no longer the norm, it's “ Where you are and Where you want to be”.

By Swati Bhalla

From a Startup in India with a humble beginning to being recognised among the champions of Salesforce in the Netherlands; my journey is no exception to Ups and Downs.  But my constant persistence to improve and evolve as a better version of myself is what brought me here today and will keep me going further.

How I got into salesforce:  Coming from a non-tech background with an MBA in Finance, I took a Leap of faith when I switched my career to Digital Marketing/Salesforce ecosystem. I started as an Intern in Digital Marketing/Salesforce and with hard work and dedication got myself a job in Merkel Sokrati as business Analyst. 

How I got where I am: From my home country to relocation to the Netherlands and starting everything from scratch was a big decision, but I knew I could make it happen. Salesforce helped me shape my career once again and gave me exposure to rediscover and reimagine myself. 

Past couple of years had been challenging, from language barriers to cultural difference, but one thing which made it possible was that I love working in the IT field and especially on the salesforce ecosystem. My work gives me immense pleasure and keeps motivating me to move forward in this field.

I learnt 3 languages (HTML, CSS and Java) in a year, and certified 2 salesforce exams, to land myself a job in a startup here in NL, and finally a Job in VOLVO after 1.5 years.  

Something I am Proud of:  Coming from a non IT background, having to be able to learn and work in 3 tech Languages, Salesforce programmatic languages and procuring a job at Volvo has been, till date, my most amazing and biggest achievement that I am so proud of.

How I give back to my community: Right now I am a Udemy instructor and I have created a course there for Salesforce. At present I have around 200 students. I remember when I joined Salesforce, I was like an unmolded clay. I was lucky to have a mentor that not only guided me but molded me to where I am today. I know the importance of a mentor who cares therefore I also help and guide new trailblazers to find out their career path. More so, now that I am marketing champion I am going to go further in helping more and more trailblazers craft their way to success. 

What is the salesforce community to me: Salesforce is like my strength. At the salesforce community everyone has everyone’s back and that’s the best part of it. There is always someone who listens , someone who cares and someone to guide through, no matter how hard you are hit. It’s a closely knit community of amazing people who know how to be team players.

What Trailhead means to me: I would be honest when I say that trailhead is something that made my salesforce journey happen. The content at trailhead is keyed out so nicely that even a person like me with no Tech background was able to achieve so much. I really own success at Salesforce to trailhead.

What does trailblazer means to me : Being a Trailblazer means an honour and a greater sense of responsibility. It means to work even hard, become great at what I do and above all give back what I got. The sheer sense of making my journey worthwhile so that it can be an example for others is overwhelming. 

Advice to new trailblazers: No matter where you started, your journey ends only when you reach where you want to be. And success is not in reaching the destination, but making the journey worthwhile. Make the best use of every opportunity that comes your way, take guidance, ask for help, there is no shame, make mistakes and learn, that’s how you grow!

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  1. Hi
    Nice to read about your SF journey..I am also from a non tech background with almost 6 years experience in SF. I would like to know more about how you learnt HTML, CSS and Java as I am also planning to learn these languages.

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