How to get started with Salesforce as a career

Having Problem ? Don’t know where to start from – Here is a guide to kickstart your Salesforce Journey !

By Swati Bhalla

I remember when I started with Salesforce, I was like an unmolded clay. I was lucky to have a mentor that not only guided me but molded me to where I am today. I know the importance of a mentor who cares therefore I also help and guide new trailblazers to find out their career path. More so, now that I am marketing champion I am going to go further in helping more and more trailblazers craft their way to success.

This article is just a small step to help all the new trailblazers who are still struggling in choosing their career path and want to understand how they can start and kickoff their Salesforce Journey. 

So lets get started !

About Salesforce – Who, What and Why ?

What is Salesforce?I t is a popular Software as a Service(SaaS) cloud computing company that majorly specializes in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In other words, it is an integrated CRM platform that aims to provide your work departments with a single along with a shared and complete view of every customer.

Reasons Why Salesforce is a Good Career?

– High Earning Potential
– Helps You in Building up Your Skill Sets
– Be Part of an Inclusive Community
– Access to Heaps of Training Opportunities
– Multiple Career Routes

Resources that will help you succeed

  • Start with Trailhead – I would be honest when I say that trailhead is something that made my salesforce journey happen. The content at trailhead is keyed out so nicely that even a person like me with no Tech background was able to achieve so much. I really own success at Salesforce to trailhead.
  1. LInk – – Register here and begin you journey
  2. My Trailhead Trailmix, Trails and modules are created in a way that you can learn by having fun, Start small and reach your goal.
  3. Trailhead not only gives you therotical knowledge but also handon experience – Focus on Projects and Superbadge
  4. Get to Ranger status (and brag about it on social media. Its an amazing feeling, I have done it recently) My Profile
  5. Complete Modules, Projects, Superbadges and Trails specific to your Career
  6. Choose your Career path
  7. Attend a Salesforce Certification Days Webinar (at end you receive a discount code on exam)
  8. Salesforce Ben: Salesforce Certification Days: Free Preparation Webinars with Trailhead
  • Moving On – Join Success Community Chatter Groups – These are just a few but search in the community and find others that will help you on your journey. Link To Register and search
  • Cert Prep Resources – For when you are ready to schedule and take the exam! Some resources at your disposal – You can register for an exam on Websessor
  • Order of Certifications – There is no hardcore rule that you have to follow in order to get Certified. Choose the Career path that you are comfertable in and study to clear the certification. I started with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. -Note* There are exam that have some pre-requisites which you can find on the Trailhead Certification page. Here are some more info on how to take certifications and which one to take by our one and only David Liu
  1. Checklist: What to do before attempting 15 certifications
  2. How to pass each certification: The SFDC99 Method
  3. How to study understanding, not memorization
  4. Guide to passing all Salesforce certifications! **MUST READ!**
  5. My top eight certification test-taking tips
  6. Five common certification mistakes, and how to fix them
  • Join Local Groups!- Possible Local Groups:
  1. Admin / User
  2. Developer
  3. Nonprofit
  4. Higher Education
  5. Marketer (Pardot or Marketing Cloud)
  6. Women in Tech
  7. Salesforce Saturday
  • Additional Resources – Because there are so many 🙂
  1. Trailblazer Connect – Find career fairs and other career related events and webinars You can also join the SF Trailblazer Mentorship Program. I am Mentor myself and hence can vouch for this program, It really works
  2. SF Talent Alliance Program
  3. SF Essential Advisors Program

Hope this helps ! Keep Studying and Keep Networking your Salesforce Career is about get started !

Thank You

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