How to prepare for SFMC Developer Exam

By Swati Bhalla

SFMC Developer Guide - Good luck !

I am writing this blog so that people like me have a resource to start, I searched a lot and found very limited resources for this particular exam. I am planning to give my SFMC Certification in August, as I like documenting things I wrote this guide (by compiling all the good resources available) so that it can be useful to someone like me. 

Do share your thoughts, feedback, insights on the same so that I can improve and make it more useful.

As usual will start with the official exam guide. I am not going to add the topic bifurcation you can use the guide to understand the background, Topics  weightage etc.

I started studying for SFMC developer exam in Nov 2020 since then I have rescheduled my exam 7 times, I was nervous, actually I am still nervous but this time I have decided that I am not going to postpone and give it a try, What could happen ? In worst case I will fail that’s okay it will be a learning for me.

If I fail here is what I am going to do –

  • Will not get disheartened 
  • Analyze my result by topics
  • Focus on my week points for e.g. I am really a newbie to API’s integrations. I will make sure to take help of my developer collogues/friends at work, Trailblazer Community and understand the working concept. “For me best kind of learning is doing practical tasks/demo’s” 
  • Will again study the over all syllabus (Trailhead)
  • Try Again 🙂

Resources that I am currently using to prepare for the exam 

  1. Official Exam Guide 
  2. Trailhead Content
  3. AMPscript Blog – It has explained the exam very clearly focusing on topics, the resource and some used cases as well. 
  4. A LinkedIn Blog by Jordan Seeley – Thank you for this blog Jordan very helpful specially the centralized repository of all the online resources just love it. 
  5. For Programmatic Languages I am using-
  6. Salesforce Developer Portal 
  7. The AMPscript Guide 
  8. Basics of JavaScript Guide 1 
  9. Basics of JavaScript Guide 2
  10. For API understanding I am again using one of the AMPscript blog
  11. Some of the detailed blogs on SFMC

If we study the above resources I am sure we are going to pass. I will update you all in August how my exam went, till then keep studying 🙂 All the Best !

Thank you for reading this, hope it helps !

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