How to set up and update dynamic content blocks in SFMC

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Dynamic Content allows sending personalized content as a part of emails based on an attribute from Data Extension. Attribute is a field synchronized from Salesforce Delivery Management Objects like status, start date, delivery notes, completed date, etc.

  • Recommended resolution for images is 600px300p.
  • Images should be stored in MC.
  • For each dynamic content needs to be configured default image, in case of lack of data.

By Swati Bhalla

How to set up and update dynamic content blocks?

  1. Open the eDM you want to add dynamic module to.
  2. Drag the Dynamic Content from the Blocks tab on to the email canvas.
  3. Select default content (layout).
  4. Click on Create Rule 1 and select Data Extention or Audience. Click Next.
  5. Select the Data Extention you will use for the send out of the current email.
  6. Click Select and choose the alternative content (layout).
  7. Drag and drop attributes from the left on the canvas to define the rule. Recipients that satisfy it will see the alternative content. Click Save.

How to update the logic In the dynamic blocks ?

1. Open the email to edit the content and click on the dynamic content block you want to update.
2. On the left canvas you will find the rules that are set up for the dynamic block. Click on edit next to the pencil Icon.
Click on “Edit” next to the pencil icon to update the content block.
3. Click on “replace” and select the block you have updated In your local folder.

You are now ready ! Do let me know if this was helpful.

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