Create Topic Profile and Engagement column- Social Studio.

By Swati Bhalla

How to create Topic Profile

To Create a topic profile in social studio follow the below memntioned steps – 

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Navigate to the Admin settings and choose. Topic Profiles from the list on the left.


Cick Add New and Name your Topic Profile and fill needed keywords. They can be combined Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT, CONTAINS). 


You can apply filters to narrow search to specific Languages, Media Types and Regions.

 Click Save Topic Profile.


To add Topic Profile to the Workspace, choose it on the Sharing tab in Edit Workspaces menu.


Now you can create a Column in your Engage workspace by clicking Add Column and choosing your newly created Topic Profile.


How to create Engagement column

Please note, if you are creating a column in a standard Tab, it will be visible only to you. In order to share it with the workspace, Column has to be created via Tab Template.

To Create an engagement column in social studio follow the below memntioned steps – 


1. Navigate to Engage section

2. Click Add Column and choose Topic Profile

3. Select the Topic Profile you created and click Apply